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  • How do I pay? We accept eftpos (preferred) or cash
  • Do I need to be home? Once we have met your dog, we may be able to enter an arrangement whereby you do not need to be present
  • I don't know what to ask for? A detailed description of our services can be found under 'Grooming menu & services'. Once you have found the service you are after, messaging through some inspiration pictures from google is a great start. Some important things to consider for the haircut style are: length, face shape, ears & tail. If you are still unsure, send us a message and we will help you out!
  • Why is a bath for a dog with 'long/thick coat' more expensive then 'short coat'? Because a long or thick coat, such as a border collie or a poodle takes longer to wash, blow dry & brush than a short or smooth coat such as a staffy or dachshund.
  • How can I prepare my dog for grooming? A great introduction to grooming at home can be things like: brushing, combing, playing with their feet & muzzle and getting them used to loud noises like that of the blow dryer.
  • How often does my dog need grooming? For a dog that only requires bathing - every 2-4 weeks. For a dog that requires haircuts - every 6-8 weeks with a bath & blow dry/tidy groom appointment in between and for a dog that requires a deshed - every 8-12 weeks.
  • What products do you use? A range of professional grade products that are naturally based, soap free, bio-degradable, free of phosphates and parabens, animal cruelty-free and environmentally responsible. They are also Australian made and owned.
  • Do you have a range of different shampoos? Yes - we have special shampoos such as whitening, deshedding, clarifying, herbal and sensitive skin.
  • How do I book? You can book online by clicking here, we also accept bookings via Facebook Messenger or text message on 0405 991 001.
  • How much notice do I need to give? Depending on your suburb, availability and service required, booking can usually be made within 1-3 weeks.

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